Places to visit

Le Pont du Gard

Approx 40 Minutes from Nîmes visit this marvelous aqueduct which was built some 2000 years ago to bring water to the city of Nîmes over a 50 KM distance.

The Steam Train of the Cévennes

The steam train journey is an excellent day out for all the family, starting from Anduze, stopping at the Bambouseraie shown below and going into the hills of the Cévennes to St Jean du Gard. It is approximately 45 minutes on the train with stunning views over La Vallee des gardons.

La Bambouseraie d’Anduze

Located in the stunning region of Anduze, the bambouseraie is a Large Garden Park area which was created by Eugene Mazel in 1856 due to his passion for Botany. A great day out for everyone especially for those with green fingers!

Grotte des Demoiselles


Grotte des Demoiselles

There are numerous amazing underground caverns/grotto to go and explore such as the Grotte de Trabuc and the even more impressive Grotte Des Demoiselles. La Grotte des demoiselle is situated in La Haute Vallee de l’herault in the Languedoc between the Hills of the Cevennes and the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for the amazing underground cathedral which is truly breathtaking.

Please see the local website for more information.



Fontaine de Vaucluse

This small charming village is famous for its impressive spring which flows out of the 230m high cliff. This gigantic source is the most powerful in France and fifth largest in the world. There are also charming walks and numerous gift shops and restaurants along the river.

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