Gary & Karen

During our stay at Chateau Miles, we experienced something beyond the norm.

Upon our arrival at Montpelier Airport, we were greeted by Monsieur Miles with a wonderful smile and his great charm. From that moment on our adventure began.

On our arrival at the villa, we were greeted by Madam Miles, locally known as “Marroooooolyne”

It was not long after our arrival, we had our first “Kir Royale” (Champagne Cocktail) this was to be our first, but by no means our last alcoholic beverage during our stay.

We were assured it is customary to have “Pastis” similar to “Pernod” at 11am each day.

Being lunchtime, we sat down and had the most beautiful food and wine, whereby time just seemed to go by. The evening had come upon us, and we had not even unpacked our cases. This generally set the tone for the days to come.

During our short stay, we were shown local places of interest, of which there were many. We were accompanied on a local walk, whereby Monsieur Miles was able to ply his great knowledge of the area. With the wonderful company, and Madam Miles talent on the Piano and on her Piano Accordion, we found little need to go out for the evening, even when our intention was to do so.


We had a superb time, and found our hosts to be the most welcoming people we have come across for many years during our travels.

We are sure to return in the near future.
Gary & Karen